Grand Blanc



While visiting friends I stopped by and ordered a pizza. The place is immaculately clean. Jay took my order. He was friendly, and professional, answering my many questions about the menu. What's more he was enthusiastic about the company he worked for. You dont see thst very much any more. The best part was the pie. Delicious! A classic pizza in the best tradition. I'll be


I seen a few posts on Fb from Enzo's, and we decided to try them out tonight. We got a stromboli, a homemade ranch cup, bread sticks, and a cup of the garlic cream cheese dip. Im happy with all of it! It's very good!

Nicole Corzine

I tried them for the first time a few weeks ago and got the pickle pizza. First off it was amazing. I am the only one that likes pickles so I ate it myself for multiple days and warmed up nicely. Definitely would get again. Also the staff are extremely nice. I called it in and it was raining and I had a toddler and I asked them if they could run it out to me so I didn't have to get my toddler out in the rain and they said it was no problem. We will be ordering again.


Somehow just heard of this place and tried it for the first time. I ordered a large huckleberry and wow. This thing was absolutely loaded. There were more toppings that fell off the pizza left on my plate than most pizza places put on to begin with. This pie was absolutely delicious. I Highly recommend this place. 6 out of 5 stars here

KVN Speck

LOVE me some Enzo's! You can't go wrong with ordering pizza and salad from here. They've got such great pizza flavor combinations that you would never think to put together. Can't say more good things about this place

Ashley Hunter

We've gotten Enzo's a few times now. It has become our favorite pizza in the area. Absolutely delicious food, and over the top friendly service each time we've ordered. Already recommended to our family in the area!

Richard Woods

New favorite pizza place. Got a gourmet pizza and tried the pickle pizza and both were amazing! Staff was super friendly. Definitely going back to try more

Andy Young

Every person I spoke to was incredibly kind and exceedingly patient and helpful. They explained parts of the menu, excitedly told me about new menu items to come, and went out of their way to meet every expectation. The Philly pizza and cheesy bread were exactly what I was looking for. The sauces were all excellent, especially the pizza sauce. While it can be a little more expensive than other pizza places, it is absolutely worth it. Tiny parking lot but it's right at a light so it's not difficult to get in or out of. If you live on that side of town it's a convenient location, otherwise it's a little out of the way. All in all, excellent place.


I'd put this new York style up against anyone else. Absolutely amazing pizza.

I'd put this new York style up against anyone else. Absolutely amazing pizza.